Rodrigo reveals Manchester City team learned from past failures.

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Rodrigo Hernandez has revealed that. Manchester City have learned from past failures in hopes of winning the club’s first Champions League title. When they face Inter Milan on Saturday.

Manchester City midfielder Rodrigo Hernandez Rodri has revealed that. City players have learned from their past failures in order to play in the Champions League final with Inter Milan on Saturday, June 10. To win the first championship in club history from the reveal to ‘RTE’ last Sunday.

‘As I told you earlier. We try to learn a lot from the past.’ says Rodri. ‘It’s what you learn. and I think the desire How we played Real Madrid. For example, before losing there last year. So we will play the same way. trying to fix the situation Come back from the situation and try to win the finals’.

City lost to Chelsea in the 2021 final and were knocked out in the Champions League semi-final last year after losing to Real Madrid at the Santiago Bernabeu. The Sailing team successfully made amends this year by beating the Whites in the same round, heading to Istanbul to meet Inter Milan in the final on Saturday, June 10. UFABET 

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‘I think this experience is a very good point,’ Rodri said. I think the team in general You learn together as a group. We try to create something new. and push myself to every moment’

‘I think Pep said you can’t be ‘big, big’ if you don’t win in Europe. It’s an exam we have to pass again. Another final and we are ready, that’s all I can say. I’m just pushing them to be themselves, be confident, be ourselves and try our best. and fight for the final’

‘We have 23 players in the squad and all of them have played a big part at some point in the season. The team won the trophy and 23 of them were part of the competition from the first round until the end of the Premier League. Just like in the Champions League having to go through to the final. The team is very important,’ Rodri said.