‘Mainu’ is studying with ‘Casemiro’

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It has been revealed that Manchester United’s new midfielder, Cobby Mainu, is currently being look after by the club’s experienced player, Casemiro.

Back when Casemiro won his first Champions League, Cobby Mainu was a nine-year-old student at Chaddle Catholic Primary School, just beginning to take the first steps of his football career

. Entered United’s academy that year and the dream of playing on the field at Old Trafford must have happened to a child at that age.

The young player has grown and performed impressively until. He was involved in the “Red Devils” pre-season games before becoming a regular player on the team.

And being able to play alongside the five-time European champions is now likely to help strengthen the 18-year-old’s development. ยููฟ่าเบท https://ufabet999.app/

“Cobby is a very docile boy. Casemiro has a lot of experience and Cobby will learn. greatly from him And it will help his development,” said Ten Haag.

“When they get on the field together. I think they both benefit.”

“Casemiro is responsible for that. He gave it to Cobby, they talked about it, I saw it in the dressing room. I saw that in the games and on the training field. “

He’s definitely focus on his game. But he tried to help and support Cobby. They definitely have a bond.”