Conte confirms Kane ‘s substitution The lag behind the battle

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Spurs boss Antonio Conte has admitted that Harry Kane ‘s substitution left the field in the 2-0 defeat to Forest in the Carabao Cup because the player was “extremely tired”.

England captain By changing in the 59th minute of the last game. They had to be eliminated in the Carabao Cup already. In a season where all teams are facing tricky kicks before heading into the World Cup finals in the coming days. England will play Iran on 21 November 2022, the first game of the group stage. The UFABET report

“It’s a problem with fatigue. it can happen. Because he continues to play every game But overall he’s ok but he’s very tired. Yesterday before the game we had light training and at one point he had to rest. We will still be waiting for him to be ready for the final game before the World Cup. Other players may say that they do not want to play with fatigue. Some may be selfish as the World Cup is coming next week. But that’s not for Ken.”

Kane has made 21 consecutive appearances for Spurs in all competitions, scoring 12 goals and assisting 3 assists this season. While the last game of the Premier League before the World Cup break, Spurs will host Leeds United.