Bayern Munich reveals that ‘Mane’ is waiting for more examinations

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Bayern Munich have revealed Sadio Mane will miss out on this weekend’s clash with Schalke. But the pain will be check again in the next several days.

Concerns were raise when Mane suffered an injury sustain on the pitch for Bayern in Tuesday night’s 6-1 win over Werder Bremen. The UFABET report

News reports emerge this afternoon that the 30-year-old was set to miss out on a World Cup tie with Senegal. “Southern Tigers” revealed that Mane will

miss Schalke on Saturday, however, there is no confirmation on his chances of going to the World Cup,

“Sadio Mane met. with a head injury in the fibula during the 6-1 win over Bremen,” the statement said.

“African Player of the Year will miss Saturday’s game against Schalke, further examinations will take place in the coming days, Bayern is in contact with the Senegal Football Association’s medical team.

” It starts with the Netherlands on 21 November, then hosts Qatar on 25 November and culminates in the group stage facing Ecuador on 29 November

. If Senegal is absent, Mane will have an impact. Hit hard after being an important force of the team for a long time. He made 93 appearances and scored 34 goals, and was a key part of the team’s win over Egypt to the Africa Cup of Nations title earlier this year.