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‘Mainu’ is studying with ‘Casemiro’

It has been revealed that Manchester United’s new midfielder, Cobby Mainu, is currently being look after by the club’s experienced player, Casemiro. Back when Casemiro won his first Champions League, Cobby Mainu was a nine-year-old student at Chaddle Catholic Primary School, just beginning to take

Freud believes Davis’s form will not be affected by his future.

Christoph Freud doesn’t believe speculation about Alfonso Davis’ future will affect the Canada full-back’s form. Bayern Munich’s sporting director Christoph Freud spoke to ‘Sport1′ stating that. He does not believe speculation about Alphonso Davis’ future will cause. The Canadian full-back was distracted and performed poorly

Getafe president plans long-term deal with Greenwood.

Getafe wants to keep 22-year-old forward Mason Greenwood with the team for more than one year. Including plans to sign permanent contracts with football players. Getafe president Angel Torres has confirmed that. Azulon have committed long-term to Mason Greenwood, the English attacker who joined from Manchester